One stop service for those who want to use aluminium cans as an alternative packaging.

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Aluminium cans help to keep the beverages clean and safe. Moreover, we also provide after-sales service in order to take care all customers.
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Aluminium cans in Thailand are 100% recyclable.

We want to be a part of reducing waste to preserve and restore nature sustainably.

All4cans teamed up with an aluminium can factory to start a small project by using aluminium as an option to reduce the creation of difficult-to-decompose waste such as plastic glass.

It was started by selling canned drinking water to department stores (shopping malls) that focus on saving the world (sustainable).


Until today, we found that there are many people who have the same idea as us (or even better) for trying to save the planet.

There are a lot of coffee shops in Thailand. We have a lot of plastic waste every day.

After Can Café introduced aluminium cans as an alternative packaging, we received great feedback from many customers because not only environmentally friendly packaging, aluminium cans also help to create a good image, reducing transportation costs, making it easier to deliver beverages, reduce damage in delivery, and responding to the new normal lifestyle that popularizes food and beverage ordering through apps.

“One stop service for those who want to use aluminium cans as an alternative packaging for coffee shops”

We still do not stop improving to be able to serve our customers better and better.