Aluminium Can 330 ml.

Aluminium cans 330 ml. with normal lids – 100 sets.

  • The packing size is equivalent to 12 oz.
  • Compatible with all types of lids and seamer machines that we sell in our shop.

Can size
Height: 11.2 cm.
Circumference: 21 cm.
Diameter: 6.5 cm.

Available colors
Aluminium / Black / Ivery

Normal lid no.202
Standard lid with cans.
Diameter : 5.7 cm.

Customers can change to a special lid for more versatile use, price of 1.25 baht/lid.

  • Full open lid The special lid is suitable for coffee beans.
  • Easy open lid This special lid is not sharp, suitable for snacks and drinks directly from the can.

* Price does not include VAT 7%

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Change, to save the planet.

Aluminium cans possibly to fill variety of beverages.

Environmentally friendly
It is 100% recycle

It only takes 60 days to recycle cans.

Easy for delivery, not messy

Sealed packaging reduces transportation damage, and is perfect for beverage delivery stores.

Cool quickly

Cans can be refrigerated or frozen and rapidly cooled. They are good for our warm weather as well as outdoor activities.

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