Liquid Nitrogen Tank

The tanks store liquid nitrogen for dripping in beverages.

There are 2 sizes to choose from according to the amount of use.

3 Liters
Dimensions: 250 x 250 x 530 mm
Weight: 4.4 kg

10 Liters
Dimensions: 340 x 340 x 600 mm
Weight: 7.4 kg


* Price does not include VAT 7%

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The food-grade, high-purity liquid nitrogen is colorless, odorless, and harmless. Therefore, it is safe to use with food and beverages

Help maintain the shape of the can to be firmer

Dripping liquid nitrogen into the cans will make them more rigid, stable, and less tended to collapse when handled.

Extend the shelf life of food and beverages

Dripping liquid nitrogen into the cans will replace the oxygen with nitrogen. When the amount of oxygen in the air is lowered, the spoiling process is slowed, extending the product's shelf life.

Use with general beverages that do not contain gas in them

Such as water, fruit juice, tea, etc.

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