Seamer Machine AUTO ROTARY

The automatic seamer machine (the can rotates while seaming).

Suitable for general beverages such as tea, coffee, cocoa, non-stacked drinks, or for packing coffee beans.

  • Compatible with aluminium cans using 202 lids: Stubby 250 ml, Standard 330 ml, and Standard 500 ml.
  • 2 years machine warranty.

Seaming speed: 2 seconds / bottle
Working system: Automatic with rotating can
Dimensions: 200 x 350 x 635 mm
Net weight: 29 kg
Gross weight: 32 kg
Power consumption: 370 W
Voltage: 220 V

*It may be compatible with plastic cans using no 202 lids that are the same height as our aluminium cans.


* Price does not include VAT 7%

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Compare the use of AUTO ROTARY and AUTO NON-ROTARY seamer machines

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